Coffee, Burritos & Beards? Read On…

8 Oct

Moriah and I have recently discovered two neat places. The first place is QB, or Quality Burrito, and the food is amazing. The second place is a charming, dimly lit coffee shop called Sizzizzis. Both places have one delicious treat in common: cupcakes. These cupcakes are unique because they are vegan, but you wouldn’t know it. Complemented by delectable, creamy frosting that does not leave you guessing what the flavor is, the cake is moist and substantial, but not too dense. If you wanted to fool your vegan-skeptic friends, surprise them with one of these decadent desserts and tell them after they are licking their lips with satisfaction. They won’t know what hit them. I have tried mango and lavender, which were both tasty. I have also tried others that didn’t resonate. But my two all-time favorites so far are chocolate cake with blackberry frosting, and ginger cake with strawberry frosting. The cupcakes are baked locally by the Bearded Lady Food Company in Olympia, WA.  Despite the name, I’ve never encountered a hair.


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